The Avener & Waldeck - ALPACA

The Avener & Waldeck - Quando Quando feat. Patrizi

Directed by Sebastien Caudron - Produced by Pleine Image

Under The Waterfall ft. M.I.L.K.

Directed by Seb Caudron - Produced by Soldats Films

The Avener, Tiwayo - Wild (The Avener Rework)

DA : Simon Bournel

Beautiful ft. Bipolar Sunshine

Directed by Too Soon. Produced by Panamaera.

You Belong (ft. Laura Gibson)

Directed by Emmanuel Giraud. Produced by PSYCHO.

We Go Home (ft. Adam Cohen)

Directed by Julien HOSMALIN. Prodution: HKCorp. Actress: Keana Marie.

The Year of The Avener

Discover the year of The Avener through an exclusive documentary.

To Let Myself Go (Ft. Ane Brun)

Directed by Laura Smet.

Castle In The Snow

Directed by Mikael Colombu.

Hate Street Dialogue

Directed by Mikael Colombu.

Fade Out Lines

Directed by Antoine Mandot.